Nioh weapon attributes explained

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Nioh Living Weapon Attributes Explanation (valid for 1.06)

Region Map. Agility, Weight and Ki Regeneration. Melee Mastery. Equipment Attributes. Items you wish you had known about.At first glance, Nioh may appear to follow certain design mantras set forth by the Soulsborne series.

Nioh is a very dense and layered game, both in terms of environmental layout and intricate system design. The Amrita counter on the bottom right side of the screen will actually tell you if you have enough to level up. When the icon turns yellow, instead of the typical white, that means you can gain at least one level with the Amrita you have on you. Every shrine in Nioh allows you to offer up items in exchange for gifts. The process is simple: once at a shrine, click Make Offering and highlight the item you want to offer.

Often, especially early on, many of what you offer will get you Elixirs — which you can never have enough of. You can only carry a certain amount of Elixirs, of course, so any surplus goes back to your storage. Anytime you die and spawn at a shrine, your inventory will automatically fill up from your storage stock. Kodamas are the little green fellas that you see dancing at shrines. All main missions and some sub-missions have a number of them scattered around the level that you can find and send back to the shrine.

Before you head into a mission, you can find out how many are lost in the level that you need to bring back. With each five Kodamas you find, your starting Elixir count is increased by one. More importantly, the counter is region-specific, and will reset once you head into a new region. Some gear items have a bonus that highlights Kodamas on your minimap. For instance, if you main two-handed swords, you can still take advantage of the Tachi Arts skill in the dual swords skill tree.

The Ninja and Onmyo trees are a fair game, too, so pick of these as many as you can afford — regardless of your main weapon of choice.

Same Souls rules apply here, too, so approach your target slowly from the back. You can identify the window for these moves very easily, though: watch for the lock-on icon turning red. This indicates that you can perform these types of moves, such as the Sneak Attack, the Grapple move for enemies out of stamina, and so on. Some enemies take longer than others for the icon to change into red, depending on their animations, so be patient.

Spirit Stones are the equivalent of the Souls you find in the Souls games soul of a brave warrior etc. They have a similar function here, namely, they give you Amrita in different amounts depending on the size of the stone.

A pretty inexpensive way to skip past grunt enemies. Another tip when banging your head against a boss is to call back your Guardian Spirit when you respawn rather than retrieving it at the boss arena for the Amrita it is carrying. This can be helpful in two ways. The same can be said for any of the big Yokai enemies, whose multiple-hit combos are inescapable. What you can do, however, is to block the rest of the combo.

I know it can be hard to not always mash on dodge as a defence mechanism especially coming from Soulsbut you really must remember to block when you get caught in a combo. If you approach any of them, the reason for their deaths will pop up. Outside of that, the revenants that spawn from these graves can drop some of the gear these players were using, and fighting them is generally a good way to hone your skills, since they use human-like tactics in the fight.

Certain levels have Nurikabe — illusory walls with eyes that will light up when you approach them. You can make them disappear by doing one of your gestures, but knowing which one to use is the trick. If you examine the player graves around these walls, they will sometimes tell you which gesture group the player tried that got them killed.

Bloodborne Combat: Understanding Stats, Attributes and Status Effects

Mimics, or traps that take the appearance of chests to lure unsuspecting players, can be found in Nioh. The easiest way to identify a mimic is to count the number of golden stripes on the chest itself see above. Two stripes is safe, and three stripes is trouble.

If you open a mimic without realising it is one, an enemy that resembles you will jump out and do a gesture. Note that you must use the exact gesture, not the colour group business.Join VIP to remove all ads and videos. Special Effects in Nioh 2 are special equipment passive abilities. To unlock the Special Effectsplayers will have to first meet the equipment requirements. Would have made inventory management so much easier if we had a modular approach with some base weapons.

How do you get the special effects that are best for your build if Tempering is mostly randomized which means you need luck to get the Special effects that are best for your build. And spend like Million's of gold but not seeing any the Effects Pop up. Making me think they are not for said Type of Equipment or something. Dear Wiki community, This list is wonderful, yet, i have a suggestion: Make this a "Working table" and add columns to correlate which effects can be seen in which gear.

Thefore, i would not try relentlessly to get "Special Effect 1" on my Head Gear. I'd love to contribute to the Wiki. I don't see what I was looking for. Wanted to see if it's really worth keeping. Sign In Help Sign Out. Toggle navigation. Search Results. Rare Paralysis Resistance Increases your resistance to Paralysis. Common Auto-grave Recovery Has a chance to instantly recover the Guardian Spirit and Amrita from your grave upon death.

Rare Projectiles Damage Taken Reduces the damage you receive from ranged projectiles. Common Lightning resistance Increases your resistance to Lightning -based attacks. Common Luck Increases the probability of obtaining rare items. Uncommon Ninjutsu Power Increases Ninjutsu technique power. Uncommon Poison Resistance Increases your resistance to Poison.

Exotic Item drop rate vs Humans Increases the probability of human opponents dropping items when defeated. Common Ki Increases your ki.

Common Untouched Elixir Gives a chance for elixirs to remain unconsumed on use. Rare Treasure Sensor Shows the location of nearly treasure on the compass. Rare Elixir Efficacy Increases the amount of health restored by elixirs. Rare Anima Charge Increases the rate at which you gain Anima.

Uncommon Ki recovery Speed Speed Ki recovery. Exotic Anima Charge Enhanced Increases the amount of Anima gained when affected by status enhancement. Common Elemental Damage Increases elemental attack damage.

Common Amrita Sensor Shows the location of nearly Amrita on the compass. Common Water Damage Increases damage of Water-based attacks. Common Life Increases your maximum health.Join VIP to remove all ads and videos. Weapons in Nioh and information about their stats is shown below. Weapons are color coded by their rarity: Common, UncommonRareExotic.

The rarer the item, the more beneficial status effects it will possess. Equipping a weapon effectively requires a minimum value in specific Stats. You can level up stats to meet a minimum requirement by spending Amrita at Shrines. Equipping a weapon you do not meet the minimum requirements for results in a halved attack multiplier as well as an inability to make use of the passive Status Effects.

I'm looking for explanations of the color based skill descriptions. I have items which have even a yellow colored text. Maybe this shows the rarity of the stat?

Nioh tips: 16 things you didn’t know you could do

So white, blue, purple, yellow in ascending order? Where can I find a list of all the new weapons from bloodsheds end? I saw two Odachi's I haven't found yet. The only new one I have is the Bone looking one. Hi, i am wondering about the weapons from the dlc, if i buy the season pass, do i get access to the Tonkas and Odachi in the beginning of the game?

Can i select my prefered weapon as the Tonkas so that i can start with them at the beginning of the game.

nioh weapon attributes explained

Thanks in advance. What is the better option to do with a weapon? Disassemble, offer to get amrita, sell, or keep it in stock? Can every Katana has the same bonus effects?

nioh weapon attributes explained

I mean I tried to get 'change on attack heart A-' but i could not. So, in the meantime i'm using Namiyogi Kanemitsu because it has this effect.

Wait, I don't get it. There is no minimal requirements in strength or dexterity to use a weapon, right? So what is the point to level up this stats? Why not just use my points to level up Body Heart and Magic?

So, Kusanagi Tsurugi is the best sword in the game, barring elemental weaknesses, or is this list incomplete? Hey great article I'm wondering what it means when your ranged weapon icons have a reddish background as opposed to normal gear colored icon.Join VIP to remove all ads and videos. Stats are player attributes in Bloodborne. When you level up in Bloodborne you increase an attribute by one point.

Attributes like Strength and Skill are represented by numerical values and determine what armor and weapons can be equipped, while attributes like Arcane and Bloodtinge govern how much damage certain Weapons or Items do. Attributes also give your characters increased stats, e. Vitality increases your hit points and Endurance improves your Stamina.

nioh weapon attributes explained

Blood Echoes are the main currency in Bloodborne. The Strength stat governs heavy physical weapon ATK as well as increasing visceral damage. Determines whether or not you can use certain weapons.

The Skill stat governs more nuanced physical weapon ATK and increases your visceral damage. It also Determines whether or not you can use certain weapons. Also increases Discovery Rates. The rate at which items will drop from enemies.

nioh weapon attributes explained

The higher the number the more frequently they will drop. Resistance to the lure of frenzy. The higher this attribute, the more resistant you are. The higher this attribute, the closer you are to beasthood when temporary transformed. Note: raising the Beasthood meter will not transform your character into a beast. However, the Beast Claw's transformed state does give you beast arms, and the Beast's Embrace rune transforms your character's appearance and makes them weaker to Fire and vs.

Beast damage, with the benefit of stronger beasthood and an improved move-set for the Beast Claw. Determines the damage of your trick weapon normal physical damage. This determines how much damage your weapon can take before breaking weapon does not disapear when broken. Determines the Slow poison stackup. This is the poison which stacks up to become a damage over time as we know.

Determines the rapid poison stackup. This works not as a "poison" and does not give the target a damage over time. Rapid Poison is equivalent to Toxic and Bleed is similar to Frenzy.There are only three Attributes in Darksiders 3, but they all suffer from diminishing returns.

Below is a list of the number of Souls needed to level up at each level in the game. These consumable items will provide 1 Attribute Point once crushed, and you can find them using our Luminous Visage Locations Guide. Players feed souls to Vulgrim to level up.

There is no respec option, so be sure you want that level in that stat. All stats suffer from diminishing rates of return after certain thresholds, which you can see below. You can see from the diminishing returns that each Stat starts to get progressively worse after Level Health seems to have the steepest drop off, but Strength is not far behind.

No matter how you Build your character, you probably want at least 10 points into each Stat to get the most bang for your buck. Stay tuned for more Darksiders 3 content and be sure to check out our other Darksiders 3 Guides!

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Next Post. View my other posts. January 6, at pm. Log in to Reply. View the Discussion.Nioh 2 has a barrage of stats that you can play around and customize your character according to the style you want, but before you do that understanding what each Stat does in the game will help you understand your character better and improve your playing style.

Stats are your character attributes and they will largely define your playing style, investing skill points in the designated Skill stat will get you more power in that field. Having more stats in one particular aspect will surely make you stronger in that aspect but the negligence of other stats may hinder your progress. Below are all the Skills and an explanation to what they do in Nioh 2, make sure that each Stat in Nioh 2 will directly impact your character build and will shape how you experience the game.

Constitution Stat will give you more life in Nioh 2, having a good amount of vitality will make sure that you do not succumb to attacks by powerful enemies that you will keep on facing in the game.

Constitution Stat will also give you a much-needed resistance to Poison and Paralysis. If you have Spears, Switchglaives or Tonfas Constitution will give you a better hit rate and more attack points every time you use them. Having a good amount of Stats in Heart will get you more Ki, this will be of prime importance as every battle will drain your character to its limit and having more Ki will make sure that you are able to attack and dodge more often than not.

Heart will also give you an increased Health bar letting you stay in the fight much longer. Heart has benefits on weapons as well with Sword, Dual Swords and Odachi giving them a buff. Courage just like in real life will help you eliminate fear in Nioh 2, but instead of being afraid your character will recover Ki much faster and will allow much more longevity in the main boss fights.

Weapons like Tonfas, Axe, and Hatchets are also buffed when increasing stats in Courage. Weirdly enough, Stamina does not increase your Ki but helps you increase your Life and the maximum amount of equipment that you can carry in Nioh 2.

This stat becomes increasingly important as you progress in Nioh 2. Having more resources will only benefit you in the long run as you will be able to withstand much better in Nioh 2. Weapons like Odachi, Axe, and Hatchets get more buff too. Strength will give you more power in Nioh 2, it will also help you get an increased rate of Ki regeneration every time you use Ki Pulse. Weapons like Odachi, Sword, Spears will give you more proficiency and you will get better mastery over the Dual Swords, Axe and Kusarigama.

The main objective of contributing to Skill stat is to make sure that your Ki pulse has a better effect than before. Ki Pulse helps you get a boost of Ki immediately when triggered and this will give you more mobility and a better chance to use more items in the game.

You stand to get more proficiency in Dual Swords, and Hatchets, while at the same time you will also see improvements in weapons like Sword, Spear, Kusarigama, and Switchglaive.

Dexterity depends on improving and refining your character, this means that you will have more Ninjutsu Power and more Ninjutsu Capacity, making you a better Ninja as is the premise of the game. Being a better ninja also offers resistance against elements like Poison and Paralysis, making it that difficult to take you down.

You will have a better proficiency while using the Kusarigama and will slightly improve your skills when using the Tonfas. If you want to base your character on using a ton of spells then investing in Magic is of prime importance, having more options will certainly help you in the long run while investing in Magic will also get you to use fascinating spells that will surely turn the fight in your favor or save you when needed.

Investing in Magic will get you an increased capacity in Onmyo Power, and Onmyo Capacity while you will also get extreme proficiency with the Switchglaive. This is all there is to know about all the stats in Nioh 2, make sure that you check out how to defeat Mumyo in Nioh 2. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Accept Read More. By Prasad More On Mar 18, Related Posts.

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